Diary app with calendar

Your Digital Diary

Beautiful, Safe and Secure - Diarly is designed so that you can focus on journaling. Pure in its form, powerful in its functions.

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Diary app with calendar

Safe and Secure

Diarly supports sync via iCloud, allowing you to keep your notes in the cloud and on multiple devices. We currently have iPhone/iPad and Mac apps available.

We also have support for password protected entry to App along with encrypted journal entries, allowing your notes to stay secure even when in the cloud.

Sync across multiple devices

Simple and Beautiful

Minimal distraction-free interface allows you to fully focus on writing.

Multiple themes, sizes and fonts let you quickly change the look of your entire diary.

Advanced markdown editor allows you to apply formatting while you are typing.


Fast and Efficient

Quick reorganising of your entries with Copy & Paste and retrieval with calendar, list view, hashtags, starred entries or search.

screen with hashtags

Features at a glance...

  • Advanced markdown editor allowing you to preview while you are writing
  • Encrypted and password protected access to your diary
  • In-line rich media with photos and links
  • Favourites, Search and HashTags to make efficient look ups of your entries
  • Import & Export to markdown allows you to backup easily
  • Several importers, exporting to PDF
  • Word count target and writing statistics
  • Seamless, secure multi-device sync via iCloud
  • Multiple journals allowing you to have multiple entries for the same day
  • Themes, sizes and fonts for quickly changing the look of your diary
  • Built in Calendar making it really easy to find previous entries
  • Single purchase to unlock all functionality in app